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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Not a matter of priesthood, but of gender

There are some women these days that want the priesthood. They think that if they could only have the priesthood than their responsibilities would be different.

But it is not because of the priesthood that men are given the responsibility to lead

It is because they are men.

Such was declared by the father in Eden.

It is not a matter of priesthood. It is a matter of gender.

In these days we have forgotten that men and women are fundmentally different. We think we can make them the same by putting them in the same clothes, and treating them the same way, and having them do exactly the same thing up until marriage, and after marriage having them do as much of the same thing as the realities of human physiology and reproduction allow.

And that is utter crap.

Men and women are fundamentally different.

Right from the beginning, God gave different commandments and different punishments to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

I'm not sure the full weight of that has sunk into our minds. But let me at least try and offer a hint.

The declarations made by God the Father himself on this earth are those things which define the foundation. They define gender and family. They are the foundation stone which all else which is good must be built on.

And the Father gave DIFFERENT commandments to Adam and Eve.

They have different foundations laid for them. They are different from square one. They are given different foundations on which their exaltation will be built.

Sure, it will be built on obedience and the virtues of the gospel. But the commandments they are trying to keep are different. They are as different as the different commandments given in differing dispensations.

Which is obvious really. Exaltation is about family. Adam and Eve have different parts to play to establish a family. If exaltation is eternal family, and Adam and Eve are different parts of the family, then it should be obvious that Adam and Eve have different requirements for exaltation.

Adam and Eve have different conditions for their exaltation, because they were given different commandments by the Father in Eden.

For Adam to try and gain exaltation by following the commandment given to Eve is as apostate as for Peter to reject Christ's commandment to "feed his sheep" and to instead start building an ark and gathering animals into it two by two, hoping for exaltation founded in God's commandment to Noah.

For Eve to try and gain exaltation following the commandment given to Adam is equally wrong. She cannot go out and sacrifice her only son and hope to find exaltation in obedience to the commandment given to Abraham.

This doctrine is all through the scriptures.

Paul writes one command to the women, and another commandment to the men. He tells the men to love their wives even as Christ loved the church, and gave himself for it. He tells the wives to obey their husbands even as the church obeys Christ.

Why different commandments from Paul?

Because Paul knows the doctrine. He saw the third heaven. He is not a man speaking based on random opinions. It is the elephant in the room of the scriptures. It is all through them. The women of the church obtain exaltation. But we don't read about them doing the same thing as the men. And why? Is God not concerned about the exaltation of his daughters? Is it a technical matter of who has the priesthood?

No. No. No. Of course God is concerned about the exaltation of his daughters and has been through the dispensations. We don't read of them doing the same thing in the scriptures as the men not because they were spiritually less valuable, but because they accomplish the task required for exaltation by doing the works God required of them for exaltation, which are different than what God requires of the men.

Joseph Smith spoke with the Father, and was called to be a prophet. Mary, the Mother of Christ, knew more, and pursued the path of her exaltation. Peter walked on water, Mary wept at her resurrected husband's feet as he spoke her name.  One was called to feed God's sheep, the other found her exaltation quite differently. One was a boy, the other was a girl. Both heeded the commands of the Father and are no longer men but are Gods.

It is the wisdom of the world that would instead recast that blaring difference in the scriptures as a vice, rather than as both righteous men and righteous women pursuing and obtaining the eternal prize.

The conditions for exaltation for a man and a woman are as different as the commandments to Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden.

You may disagree and say all people are saved on the same conditions. In one sense, yes, the conditions for exaltation are the same for men and for woman. This is plainly taught. The conditions are obedience and acquiring the virtues in the scriptures. The conditions are to put off the natural man and become a saint, submissive to his Father's will even as a child submits to his parent.

That is the sameness. And it is also the difference.

It is the sameness because it is the task that must be accomplished by all who seek exaltation whether male or female.

And it is the difference because the commandments God laid out from the beginning for men and women are different. To submit to the will of the father is submitting to a different commandment for Adam than it is for Eve.

The condition for exaltation is, ultimately, whether we will follow our Savior's example and submit our will completely to the will of our Father.

Consequently, the conditions for exaltation for a man and a woman are as different as the commandments to Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden.

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