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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Work in the church is paid work under consecration

I read these verses and have to laugh at my own lack of understanding.

D&C 42:71 And the elders or high priests who are appointed to assist the bishop as counselors in all things, are to have their families supported out of the property which is consecrated to the bishop, for the good of the poor, and for other purposes as before mentioned;
72 Or they are to receive a just remuneration for all their services, either a stewardship or otherwise, as may be thought best or decided by the counselors and the bishop.
73 And the bishop, also, shall receive his support, or a just remuneration for all his services in the church.

Wait, what?!?

When the mouth of the Lord speaks something, we do not take it lightly. I am certain the Lord has put in place the current practice in which all the work done in the church is done as volunteer work. We kind of messed things up when we failed to live the law of consecration. And my impression is that even under the lesser law, the financial law of Moses that we call tithing, the members did not initially give enough for this to be brought about.

But wow. Apparently when members are living the way the Lord wants for their finances, then things are also different. The elders or high priests who are appointed to assist the bishop as counselors (and right there we get that elders can be counselors in a bishopric -- don't get me wrong, I have perfect confidence that the brethren are doing what the Lord wants now, but I expect, when we have everything laid out more perfectly, it will return to the revelations)  are to either have their families supported out of the consecrated property, or they are to receive a just remuneration for all their services.

This reminds me of a statement Joseph Smith made. He is talking about temple work instead of about bishoprics. But his meaning on this score is plain enough:

The declaration this morning is, that as soon as the Temple and baptismal font are prepared, we calculate to give the Elders of Israel their washings and anointings, and attend to those last and more impressive ordinances, without which we cannot obtain celestial thrones. But there must be a holy place prepared for that purpose. There was a proclamation made during the time that the foundation of the Temple was laid to that effect, and there are provisions made until the work is completed, so that men may receive their endowments and be made kings and priests unto the Most High God, having nothing to do with temporal things, but their whole time will be taken up with things pertaining to the house of God. There must, however, be a place built expressly for that purpose, and for men to be baptized for their dead. It must be built in this central place; for every man who wishes to save his father, mother, brothers, sisters and friends, must go through all the ordinances for each one of them separately, the same as for himself, from baptism to ordination, washing and anointings, and receive all the keys and powers of the Priesthood, the same as for himself.

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