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Monday, February 8, 2016

Why I have no qualms saying birth control is wrong

Our society can't stand a plain statement that lays down a basic truth that may have its exceptions. But the scriptures do that all over the place. An example is "Thou shalt not kill". Yes, as a rule of thumb, birth control is wrong. There are circumstances that may change that, such as the health of the mother. If you are expected to have that much sense to read the scriptures, I have no qualms about expecting you to have that much sense to read my posts.

But everyone says "the health of the mother" and really means "to limit the number of children we have to be when convenient and the number we find convenient". And that is wrong.

Everyone says "the health of the mother" when they really mean "we don't like the commandment to be fruitful and multiply". They want to do something less than to provide like a tree that strives to be plentiful and fruitful to produce fruit for its Lord, who gave the commandment.

Now they also want to do it not for the health of the mother, but for the "mental health" of the mother. There may be some extreme case where that is legitimate, but these days it is just a statement that we grew up coddled and spoiled and anything that is hard to go through must be bad for our "mental health".

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