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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Small note - No jail in the law of Moses

Small unimportant note.

I think it is interesting that there doesn't appear to be a prison or jail under the law of Moses. The law of Moses punishes some violations by death. Some people are punished by being given a certain number of lashes. It covers only various scenarios and leaves the Levites to serve as judges over difficult cases (so I would guess Samson was a Levite, as he judged Israel for a time). It does have ways people can become servants for up to seven years, or, if they desire, for their lifetime.

But I don't think it once mentions putting a man in prison or in jail.

Given that prison is the almost universal criminal punishment these days, I thought it was interesting that the law of Moses worked so differently. It tends to give punishments many would call harsh, but taken on the whole, it also tends to "get it over with" and let a man continue living his life as long he didn't do anything worthy of death. I expect that, the "harsh" punishments of the law of Moses are far more merciful than our prison systems where a man is kept in a cage for years on end.

The Nephites had prisons, for Alma and Amulek were cast into prison, and Moroni cast the king men into prison at one point when there is not time to deal with them properly. But, taken on the whole, Moroni's handling of the King men reflects the law of Moses. The king men have to decide what they are going to do, and then they are either punished (to death in that case, for it was sedition) or let free. Languishing in prison wasn't one of the options.

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