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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Short Note: Loyalty to the truth and Corporate morale are different

There is a corporate morale mentality that some of us like to maintain. In that mentality that thinks it is never OK to say our membership is doing worse now than it was in an earlier day. We always have to be doing better and getting stronger and standing greater than we were previously. According to this mentality, to say otherwise is to challenge the gospel itself and to criticize the brethren.

Which is ridiculous. The scriptures are full of descriptions of spiritual ups and downs among God's people. There are "rising generations" that reject the truths taught by their parents at times.

And tragically, at this time we are largely following the same general downward turns as the world. The plague of pornography has grabbed a firm hold of a significant portion of our membership. Divorce is now common among us. We are, albeit more slowly, sinking in with the trends of the world that surrounds us.

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