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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Perfect men

I find it disconcerting the level of misbehavior which is increasingly being excused by the phrase "nobodies perfect".

We have a notion of perfection that doesn't seem to fit at all with the way the word is used in the scriptures.

That is no surprise, sometimes words are used in the scriptures differently that we use them now, and we know that.

We see the word "good" in the scriptures used the way we use the word "godly" today.

We know from Ezra Taft Benson that the word "pride" in the scriptures means something different than the way our society defines the word pride.

And we don't have to look too hard to recognize that the way the scriptures use the word "perfect" is different than the way we use it today.

And that is important, because we excuse our behavior saying "nobody's perfect" when there is some standard of righteousness that the Lord refers to when he says the word "perfect" which he genuinely wants us to learn to live. It may be different than what we call "perfect". But whatever it means, the scriptures are enormously plain that it has been attained by mortal men and that Christ commanded his followers to keep it.

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