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Monday, February 8, 2016

Members are afraid to speak what God laid out in the beginning of the world within the walls of our chapels for fear of persecution

Look, we know we have a problem.

My wife recently wrote two articles for Mormon Women Stand. One was on birth control. The other was on working mothers. The doctrine on these has been taught with extreme plainness so that we cannot possibly misunderstand. That is, if it is truth that we are after.

But it is not surprising to us that women of the church came out and commented in droves, telling my wife one way or another her how foolish and wrong she was. She was told again and again not only that what she said was wrong, but even that it was wrong of her to have written the articles.

She was told she wrong, even apostate at times. She was accused of teaching falsehood.

It is very much like the way liberals maintain so much control over our society. They make anyone who disagrees feel like dirt. Like these women, they use name calling, using words like hater, judgmental, or shaming for the purpose of silencing anyone who disagrees.

Very few comments were posted on the articles that preceded these two that my wife wrote. But there were hundreds posted on the first one within the first day, counting those that were so bitter they were deleted or hidden. My wife ended up reading part of each comment at least to determine whether or not it would be kept or hidden. This took most of one day. She wrote replies to some of them, but they were pretty gentle replies. 

The result is that my wife spent most of one day reading and writing gentle replies to comments calling her foolish because she dared to let any suggestion that birth control might not be a good idea escape out where other people could see it. 

I spent some time looking over the facebook profiles of the woman who posted these cruel remarks. It was not uncommon that they had internet memes with gospel pictures and quotes posted on their page. 

We look back at Christ's days at the Pharisees who thought they were very righteous, but crucified the Savior. But many of those within our own church now fit the scripture:

2 Nephi 28:24 And in fine, wo unto all those who tremble, and are angry because of the truth of God! For behold, he that is built upon the rock receiveth it with gladness; and he that is built upon a sandy foundation trembleth lest he shall fall.

And we know that, but don't want to admit it. We know how much wrath we stir up if we stand by basically any of the fundamental truths that God the Father laid out in the garden of Eden.

There are things we know not to say:

1) Mothers should not work. This is founded in Gods commands to Adam and Eve.

2) Birth Control is wrong. This is founded in the first command God gave Adam and Eve.

3) The father is the head of the home (and we definitely know to NEVER, EVER even CONSIDER quoting God's own two commands to Eve: (1) Thy desire shall be to thy husband and (2) He shall rule over thee. Those are, apparently, apostate heresies God is speaking there -- pure abominations that have no place coming out the mouth or pen of any good person.

We KNOW not to say these things. We know how they make people feel. They make people "angry because of the truth of God".  Not people out of the church, people in the church.

Another one is fast being added to the list:

4) Boys are boys and girls are girls. Period. This is founded in Gods decree that we were made in the image of God, male and female.

We know not to say these things, but we want to pretend we don't know that. We want to pretend "all is well in Zion" and whistle a happy tune.

I can hardly bear the irony. We live in a time of wealth like the world in the past never dreamed of. Christ characterized the very rich of his day as those who wore "soft clothing" and "fared sumptuously every day".

We don't even consider wearing rough clothing. We would laugh at the idea, throw it away, and buy something better.

We don't worry about whether we will starve. We worry about whether our food is as delicious as we were hoping. We feel let down if one of our meals doesn't taste as good as we are accustomed to. We live as only kings of the earth have been able to live in the past. We enjoy warmth in winter and cold in the summer. We simply have no concept of what poverty is.

And yet droves of women in the church in the U.S work because they "need" to provide more for the family.

Fathers are responsible to provide for both himself and the mother and children. Mothers should not take the Father's burden of providing on (lest she compromise her own responsibility) except as it is necessary to provide the necessities of life.

There is no mandate on either the father or the mother to provide that which is above the family's needs. There is no command by God to provide the luxuries of life, to fare sumptuously, to enjoy the fine and fat things of this world. Thus NEITHER the father nor the mother should sacrifice their divinely decreed duties in this life to that end. 

Mothers should not work outside the home. But we also know never to say that in church. We never say that in God's own church. Not because it isn't true. It is because we fear the resulting persecution.

And we don't want to admit that we have a problem.

Look, this isn't a football game. Our success is not measured by "team spirit".

This isn't a large corporation. Company morale isn't more important to God's church than God's truth is.

This is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is God's own church.

And most of our members are literally too afraid to speak the truths God declared in the beginning of the world within the walls of our chapels for fear of persecution.

Let me repeat that.

Most of our members are literally too afraid to speak the truths God declared in the beginning of the world within the walls of our chapels for fear of persecution.

They aren't afraid of their house being burnt down in the middle of the night. They are afraid of the more common persecution of loneliness and a stream of unkind words. They are afraid of the persecution liberals have used to silence their objectors in our society. They are afraid of name calling or sharp words from those same people who claim they are full of love. I think that what Diane faced this past week makes them cower in fear to face, honestly.

We are in desperate need of repentance. We are in such desperate need of repentance that we hardly recognize it.

And the situation is getting dire. We need plain voices. We need plain speech. The Holy Ghost will not stand by anything else.

Our salvation stands or falls on whether or not we are "valiant in the testimony of Jesus" according to D&C 76. Can we be valiant in the testimony of Jesus in a church where most of our members are afraid to teach what was laid out by God the Father? This is his true church. There is no other. But those who think I am too critical of its members are worried about team spirit and company morale. I am worried about how to save the souls of his children. And when the members of the church become a force silencing people from quoting what God laid out in the beginning then we are in dire straits and best look to ourselves. We are in desperate need of good plain doctrine. We need to drop the spiritual vanity, stop admiring ourselves in the mirror, and look at how we compare to the scriptures. 

And if we find bits of them that we dare not speak in the walls of our church, then we must quote those parts most frequently in precisely that location.

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