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Monday, February 1, 2016

Heber J Grant: Forgiveness dependent on repentance, and devil only has power as we do wrong

I ran into a copy of Gospel Standards by Heber J Grant at Deseret Industries shortly before moving out of Utah. So thrilled to have found it. Heber J Grant was in that period where the conference reports aren't freely available.

It was compiled by G Homer Durham under the direction of John A Widstoe and Richard L Evans.

Here is a sample, taken from page 32, as I first flip through the book and I am thrilled because without hesitation we incorporate D&C 76 into the meaning of Christ's words in the new testament, but for some reason, we quote Christ in the new testament on forgiveness as if the fuller message of D&C 98 was just a big stupid joke or something. Here is the quotation from Heber J Grant.


Repentance. There is nothing in the world that is more spendid than to have in our hearts a desire to forgive the sinner if he only repents. But I want to say, do not forgive the sinner if he does not repent. "By this shall ye know that a man has repented, that he confesses his sin and forsake it, and is guilty no more." It is up to the Lord, however, and unless they confess their sins we are not obligated to forgive, but when they really and truly repent, it is one of the obligations that rest upon us to forgive those who have sinned. -RSM, 23:341

The devil is ready to blind our eyes with the things of this world, and he would gladly rob us of eternal life, the greatest of all gifts. But it is not given to the devil, and no power will ever be givne to him to overthrow any Latter-day Saint that is keeping the commandments of God. There is no power given to the adversary of men's souls to destroy us if we are doing our duty. If we are not absolutely honest with God, then we let the bars down, then we have destroyed part of the fortifications by which we are protected, and the devil may come in. But no man has ever lost the testimony of the gospel, no man has ever turned to the right or to the left, who had the knowledge of the truth, who was attending to his duties, who was keeping the Word of Wisdom, who was paying his tithing, who was responding to the calls of duties of his office and the calling of the Church. -CR, October, 1900:60

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