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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do we listen to Hollywood's advice about love, romance, or parenting?

I have long believed that major portions of the framework of ideas our youth and single adults have about romance, choosing a partner, what real love is, and all the connected ideas about romance and marriage come from movies, music, and television. Tragically, a large number of the rising generation has added pornography as one of their principal references as well.

But even when the ideas come only from Hollywood, and not from pornography, that means that they are being taught about romance, love, attraction, and marriage from those who know absolutely the least about it on the planet. Hollywood is laughably notorious for marriages that last only a few years, and sometimes only months. It is ludicrous that they should be the ones providing guidance.

But there is also more to it, as we parents are not immune. How many movies and television shows have messages for parents about how to raise children? Our children have been watching a movie, "Finding Nemo", which teaches that children need to be given a lot of freedom to do things and try things the parent might feel were potentially dangerous.

The advice is offered subtly. It isn't stated as advice or we would reject it. Instead we are allowed to see how not following their advice turns out in the world they have created, and following it turns out right in their world. In their world, which they made up, their counsel is what makes everything turn out all right in the end.

And so we accept their counsel without even knowing it was offered to us.

Am I saying "Finding Nemo" is a horrible movie that children shouldn't be allowed to watch? No, or I wouldn't have let my kids watch it. But I am pointing out that we consider advice offered in movies

And the point is that Hollywood is no more competent a guide about parenthood than they are about love and romance. We should spurn their advice. Those who are the worst at staying married will be equally incompetent about raising children, for the marriage is the spiritual foundation on which the home is built.

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