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Monday, February 22, 2016

Do not the hearts of our children witness against our wealth

I am so sick of hearing this in one form or another: my husband choose a career that paid practically nothing after taking out huge amount of loan money and investing years in college, so now I am a working mom.

It makes me sick because we live in a day that is wealthy like no other generation or place in time. Our "poor" are not poor. They just have a crazy spoiled sense of what it means to be normal.

Let the hearts of your children be your judge of what constitutes the necessities of life. I am sick of us using other criteria.

It also makes me sick at our men, who choose to invest huge amounts of money and time in college for no better reason than to twiddle their thumbs choosing something that will be "fulfilling", but pays money like they are working at McDonalds serving french fries.

Sure, there is real poverty. And I believe we, or those who follow us, will get to experience it.

Because frankly, we deserve it. The hearts of our children are witness against our love of mammon.

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