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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Consecration and the abundance of manifestations of the Spirit

I just read part an excellent talk by Orson Pratt, it was JD 7:308 "Privileges and Experience of the Saints". I think I have an answer for the question that pervaded the talk and I want to write it down. He states:

I often reflect upon this subject much, and inquire in my own mind, and try to search out some of the causes of our being so far beneath the privileges which are guaranteed to us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not because the promises of God have failed. It is not because we are not worshipping the same Being whom the Saints worshipped in ancient days. It is not because there are insurmountable obstacles in our way; but the cause lies in our own selves. We are the individuals that shut out this light of heaven—this light of truth that would otherwise shine upon our understandings. Do you ever compare yourselves with those people that we read of in ancient times that were called the people of God? I mean some of the best of them. Not but that there were individuals who lived then, professing to be the children of God, who were just as imperfect in their ways and doings and conduct as some of us are. But, then, there were others who lived in ancient times who were far in advance of us. They attained to greater faith and to greater privileges than those we enjoy.

And I want to remember a note that I wanted to post about this matter, because I think the answer may be found in a scripture that I ran across recently.

D&C 70:14 Nevertheless, in your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld.

It makes me think of Orson Pratt's talk because that is exactly what he describes: the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit being withheld.

We need to get back to the living consecration as something we really think about. The Lord won't hold it against us if we go ahead and do so. There were various attempts to do so among the Saints in Brigham Young's day which Brigham Young openly encouraged. The Lord never holds doing good against us.

I wonder how we could bring an interest in such a thing about among our modern day Latter-day saints.

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