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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The voice of the spirit is a confident one

I remember a quip from Joseph Fielding McConkie that is much neglected these days. He taught something to the effect "The voice of the spirit is a confident one".

We think that being self effacing and self doubting is humility. But when we are teaching the principles of God it is very much the opposite. We think we are humble teachers when we speak the scriptures and subsequently drown their teachings in phrases like "it appears to me", "now I can't be certain", "from my perspective" and the like. We put forth principles of life and surround them in a sea that is made up of fear and doubt as we explain their meaning, thinking we are being humble by doing so.

But true humility is in subjecting ourselves and our understanding completely to the word of God and to the Holy Ghost, not in undermining them. Let us be firm, and clear when we teach and the Holy Ghost will accompany us. He stands by truth, not by doubt. He stands by valiance, not fear.

The voice of the spirit is a confident one.

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