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Monday, January 18, 2016

The new virtues

The Pharisees lived a few commandments in an extreme way to rationalize their goodness while neglecting the great matters like justice, judgement, mercy and morality.
As our society becomes more wicked we are finding new virtues to live in an extreme way to more easily rationalize away the days of our probation. This has even made its way into the church, and these new virtues are used to supplant true gospel virtues ones when true gospel virtues are lacking.

A first stab at a list of the new virtues would be:

Physical Fitness
Non-judgmentalism, especially failing to condemn immorality as offensive to God
The big business virtues
 - goals
 - punctuality
 - meetings
 - big business notions about leadership
 - big business notions of morale, performance, and company loyalty

These new virtues take the place of the true virtues of the gospel.

It is interesting how often a zealot for one or another of these virtues seems relatively unconcerned about the great matters, particularly lacking sensitivity to issues surrounding family. The new virtues frequently stand, one way or another, in opposition to the family. Women who are fitness radicals obsessed with a perfect body frequently have trouble wanting to bear children. Environmentalism wants procreation to be strictly limited. Feminism feels the same, and also puts the wife at the head of the home, as well as out of the home working. The big business "virtues" subvert the gospel into something different altogether. They also tend to hurt the family simply by sacrificing it to their demands, pulling everyone into extra unnecessary meetings believing that will magnify their calling and being more fascinated with efficiency and statistics than with the salvation of God's own lambs.

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