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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Responses to a woman defending the destruction of a child by his mother

The context of these was a discussion about a Mom who had been giving her son hormones to prevent puberty and had begun giving him hormones to develop physically as a girl. This was all done because before he was a teenager. He had seen some sort of video about transgender stuff and had decided he was a girl. These comments were written in response to a woman who sad those questioning such actions because of religion and "judging" this mother should be ashamed and mind their own business.
You look down on us for standing by religion while you stand by the fads of the moment religiously - willing to medically turn a boy into a frankenstein as long as you think other people are cheering for it. What would you not stand for just because 'everybody else does'? Abortion? Homosexuality? When pedophilia is normalized (and there are already indications that is on the horizon) you will cheer with them too. Everybody is doing it won't count for much at the judgement bar. Why don't you look for some real truth that means something instead of just being an echo of your television set?
Shame on me for being disgusted while you applaud the destruction of a boy by his own mother?!? There will come a day when he will understand the depth of that betrayal, and who was on his side, and who was not. You culture coward. Twenty years ago you wouldn't be standing up for this, but going with the flow now means more to you than standing by even the most obvious truth.

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