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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pornography and gender apostasy

"Sexual orientation", as we call it, is gender apostasy. It is apostasy to believe in the notion, as well as apostasy to partake of the perversion. God said those who give way to homosexual acts are given over to a reprobate mind (given over here means that he allows them to suffer the long term effects of feeling attracted to the same gender). Mercifully the Lord may allow them to have the drive back, if they prove they are worthy to marry his daughters, but the bar for miracles is high and it may take years to overcome.

Gender apostasy is no different than other apostasy in that respect. The effects tend to linger for a long, long time, and divine intervention is required to complete the cure.

Today the father has become a figurehead in the home. Today the mother stands at the head, the parents introduce their children to sexual material in music from their youth  and in movies from, at least the year they turn 13. These are also major factors driving today's thriving gender apostasy. All this gender bending in our own culture nurtures and encourages these destructive trends.

But these diabolical forces are nothing compared to the long term effects of pornography as it is available to day. The rising generation will sometimes object to the idea that a well known pornographic magazine is pornography because it is only pictures of nudity. The pornography of yesterday is not the same sin of pornography today. The depth of depravity involved is much deeper. It is not just a more common sin, it is far darker sin.

We cannot pretend that a man can look at hundreds of women naked and even watching videos and not give the adversary the ability to control and direct his sexual objects. When a man is faithfully married he can take joy in the same woman for a lifetime. But immorality quickly tires of its objects and cannot even find sexual pleasure in what it originally found so sexually seductive that it gave way to temptation. It must find something more depraved. It must find something darker. And this is a vicious cycle that continues.

Why? How can a man take joy in the same woman, his wife, not just over a month, but over 12 months, and 144 months, and over 600 months, and still find excitement in her, and yet those involved in immorality are perpetually finding what was sexually exciting to them one day to be not enough the next.

It is because immorality gives the adversary power over oneself, and particularly over everything surrounding family and intimacy.

And it is also because God will not be mocked. And whenever we partake of immorality we anger him and the consequences will last for a long, long time. They will not escape his wrath until they have paid the uttermost farthing.

Remember the words of President Kimball "The way of the transgressor is hard, and always will be."
The Lord may allow them to partake of the sacrament again years before they have fully drunk the dregs the Lord will pour out upon them because of their misbehavior. Did ancient Israel get the fulness of the gospel back as soon as they were repentant enough to enter the promised land? No.

We don't want to accept this, and yet it is quite familiar to us. Sometimes adultery or fornication leads to pregnancy. We think of that as an exceptional case where immorality has years of consequences that stretch out beyond the initial act. In sympathy for the child we want to pretend there is no punishment in this, but had the act been done in marriage there could have been years of joy, whereas a single mother, or a child of adultery, necessarily brings torment along with the natural joy of child bearing because the parent always knows that they could have done better for their child. They could have born the child into the only circumstances that a child should be born into. They could have born it in an act commanded by God instead of in disregard for his commandments. The child always has some sense that its parents did not give it what they could have.

We need to realize that it is the normal situation that fornication or adultery comes with years of wrath.

And to revel in pornography over years can certainly offend the Lord to the point where the natural drive can be taken away. The scriptures say as much. That is what the scriptures mean when they say "God gave them over to a reprobate mind". It means that in time, the Lord gives them over and allows the adversary to pervert and corrupt their natural drive. The "reprobate mind" part was referring to the attraction to their own gender, or whatever other perverse appetites the adversary inspires in them.

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