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Monday, January 11, 2016

Not a gospel of exceptions

It is all the rage these days to call everything good, and to shoot down everyone who disagrees with you. One way this is done is by insisting that whenever a good principle is taught that teacher must list every "exception".

But we do not live a gospel of exceptions. We live a gospel in which good principles collide at times. That was the case with the fall in which Adam and Eve had to choose between competing good principles. They could not do both.

The expectation is that if we have learned to seek for truth in the light of Christ, then we will also be able to use that same ability to learn how to choose the greater principle when good principles collide. That is different than enumerating exceptions. It requires more of us as it requires discerning truth and error. But it requires nothing that we shouldn't have been becoming acquainted with in the first place. It is not needful that we be commanded in all things.

And those who want to lazily call everything good are the last people on earth who should be dictating the rules for gospel instruction. It is the very discernment of good and evil through the light of Christ that they have rejected in the first place that is the real answer to how one handles all the "exceptions" they so love to fret about.

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