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Friday, January 29, 2016

Cultural guesses about second coming of no value, but revelation always is

We have a mental picture of how the events of the second coming will take place, and of how the millennium will unfold upon the earth.

Israel had a mental picture of how the events of the coming of the Messiah would take place. And the mental picture they had was almost completely wrong. It may be fairly said, that for most of them their mental picture helped them miss the actual event.

Yes, the scriptures concerning Christ's coming to Israel all proved to be correct. In fact, correct even in minute detail.

But when the people at large tried to take the scriptures and use them to assemble a picture of how events would unfold, they got it horribly wrong. They thought their messiah would come in force and deliver them from the Romans. But that isn't even close to what happened. It was completely wrong.

So we should not hold too firmly to those parts of our mental picture of the second coming that we are not absolutely certain of.

We will find that the scriptures on the matter will all be correct. Every jot and tittle will be fulfilled. Nevertheless, our mental picture of those events may be a great deal unlike what we have wanted to guess about those events.

We do know that Christ will return and reign personally upon the earth. We do know it is the last days. We do know the wicked will be destroyed. We do know Zion will return. We do know that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory. We do know every jot and tittle of the scriptures will be fulfilled.

And, while guesses are of no particular value, revelation is a completely different matter. If we seek in the scriptures and live up to our privileges, what will the Holy Ghost withhold from us? Were not such things laid out plainly by revelation to both Nephi and John the Revelator? Would the Lord not be pleased to lay them out before us just as well when we live up to such a privilege? It may be contrary against the economy of heaven for us to write about it. Not even Nephi was allowed to do that.

But if what we are after is personal knowledge for ourselves and those few we have the right to instruct by revelation, what will God withhold from us if we prove faithful?

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