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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A good response to a man "holding himself hostage" online

Wrote this note which I think hits some good points a couple of years ago. It was in response to a man whom I will call Ahaz. At the time Kathryn Skaggs had written a post pointing out that the movie Frozen was intentionally written with a double meaning as a gay "coming out" parable. That is pretty obvious really. Even various gay writers had already pointed out the same thing. However, there was an intense persecution of Kathryn for what she wrote.

One member engaged in what I can only call "holding himself hostage". This has become a standard tactic. He used words like:

"Do you think it's ok that gay kids try to commit suicide like I did because they felt so misunderstood by their family/friends/church/God? If not, how do you reconcile the fact that your stance against them continues to lead to the same consequences?"

"I tried to commit suicide as a teenager after confessing same-sex attraction to a Bishop who then decided it was in my best interest to breach that trust and share it with my university and family who basically disowned me. The entire process was grounded in their 'love' and 'concern' for me based on the 'gospel' and 'morality.' But no, Kathryn's embodiment of that same religious interpretation of morality and faith have nothing to do with that. I've often wondered how people deal with the reality that gay kids kill themselves because of religious teachings. Apparently denial that the links exist is a preferred approach. I'm not continuing with it -- and as much as I disagree with her, I know Kathryn is well aware of the hurt gay children can experience because of hateful comments and teachings,.."

At the same time, as I recall, he claimed to be a good church member.

Here was my response to this person as I wrote it at the time.

Ahaz, despair cometh because of iniquity.

I recognize your anger. The wicked take the truth to be hard. There is no need to pull out your "I'm a good church member credentials" if you happen to have some. I won't believe them, we already have them. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

You are incensed by a review of a cartoon. You were not the subject of the review.

When you are dead and gone you will know who loved you. You cannot take censorship of even your temptations now, and I cannot imagine what dread will fill you as you await the complete unfettered searching your works, thoughts and deeds. But as you do you will know who loved you here and who was simply cheering you down the road to destruction.

There is still opportunity for you. Grab hold of it and find the peace and joy of true repentance. If you cannot stand in the presence of even the most basic moral truths now without pain, have no doubt you will be in agony to stand in the presence of that God who is the source of all truth. But real repentance and cleansing is possible and if you will grab it then truth will become a source of comfort and joy to you. Even truth about your own former sins and your present temptations will become a comfort and joy to you.

Then you will no longer attack those like Kathryn Skaggs who did nothing but try to help any they could.

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