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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holy Cow, yes, God is still not a racist

Ugh, someone claimed Brigham Young was a racist by appealing to a church article they claimed effectively said Brigham Young and the early brethren were racist. They didn't give a reference, though to hazard a guess I would expect it to be an topics article on blacks and the priesthood. Those articles are utter tripe and I have given examples of that before. They are happy to discard truth in favor of good PR.

There is an enormous difference between racism, which is to hold arbitrary prejudice against some race, and between accepting and submitting to the perfectly plain teachings in the scriptures and of the prophets and submitting to the words of the Lord and his servants as truth.

The scriptures themselves are horribly politically incorrect. That is the reality of it. We can either stand by God and his word, or we can pander to the world and worship a God made in the image of man's dictates. According to the scriptures God made a covenant that his most righteous spirit children would be born into Abraham's posterity. That means that his less righteous spirit children were born outside Abraham's posterity. Christ gives many teachings that are based on ethnicity, including such blunt statements as "Salvation is of the Jews" and initially refusing not only to do a miracle for a gentile woman, but even to answer her. Large portions of his teachings to the Nephites are based on different things he will do for different ethnic groups (the gentiles and the Israelites). The Book of Mormon is not written equally to everybody, but written more especially to the Lamanites according to the title page.

We can choose to accept that God and his prophets have been horribly politically incorrect since almost the beginning, or we can pander to the world and worship a God made in the images of man's ideas.

If we can't stand by the brethren's teachings over 150 years, including a statement by the first presidency spelling the doctrine out in great detail, plain teaching by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and many others, about matters involving the personal salvation and exaltation of millions of God's children then we can't say we belong to the true church of Jesus Christ and are led by e prophet of God. And I testify that we can stand by those whose sacrifices gave us the gospel. When comfortable arm chair mormons write about how racist the brethren were who literally risked their lives to take the gospel into new and foreign lands like Hawaii, Tongo, Somoa, the whole of South and Central America, to Asia while leaving their family behind to live of the land in the desert of Utah I am filled with disgust. We cannot defame them without offending God. We will be judged as we judge God's servants. As far back as 1969 Ezra Taft Benson wrote that sometimes false teachings appear in our magazines. Since when do we believe an article above a prophet, much less above prophet, after prophet, after prophet over 150 years. Shall we say "I read an article that Jesus Christ was no Son of God" and believe it or should we listen to the spirit of the living God.

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