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Sunday, November 22, 2015

We have been fools to try to abolish shame and feelings of guilt

There has been a general movement within our culture to treat shame and guilt as inherently bad things, and to take great measures in what we teach to avoid creating feelings of shame or guilt.

If guilt and shame are not essential to us it is a wonder that the light of Christ, which proceeds forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space is our conscience. For while, if we allow it, the adversary can inspire such feelings, if we are following God it is principally our conscience that inspires guilt and shame, and that conscience comes from God.

Many in our culture have preached tirelessly against guilt and shame. In a bizarre twist, they have made people feel guily and ashamed for doing no more than stating the plain truths found in the scriptures, on the pretext that doing so will make some people feel guilty and ashamed. Some of our own members have helped in this effort.

And the end result was that God is right and we were fools to think that we knew better.

We can see that because our societies efforts have been so successful: every major city has gay "pride" parades. A recent television show spent its hour of screen time endorsing planned parenthood, who has recently been caught in many instances of actually selling away baby parts like a fish market.

Our culture has, in large measure, convinced itself that there is nothing to be ashamed of or guilty for.

And what a horrible tragic mistake it has been. Shame and guilt are critical means God gives to inspire repentance, and by cutting our people off from them, we have severed the principle rope holding people up out of the flames. By doing so we have dropped those previously climbing it into the depths and we have left those already at their basest in misery they believe to be inescapable because we have robbed them of their primary guide to a better life.

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