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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Oppressive government might only be solved by changes among its own people

Our experience in the middle east seems to be that there are not really enough good guys among them to fix their problems. You help whoever is being oppressed against their oppressor and a new oppressor quickly rises in their place. Some of those you helped may become the next cruel regime.

I remember I used to wonder why the Lord tends to do his work locally. When there were two different branches of the church, even under the united order, the united order operated independently in each branch.

I think there is something too that. Russia is known for having one cruel dictatorship after another. We tend to take that and interpret it as meaning that there is a victim and an oppressor. And there is, but what we never seem to think about is that maybe they, as a people, haven't got enough people living rightly enough for anything else. It may be that pretty much whichever group happens to be on top simply lacks the virtue taken as a whole to rule any less cruelly than their predecessors.

When that appears to be the case, we cannot solve their problems, and we should stay completely away from of any such attempt.

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