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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Brigham Young on the Unity of the Saints

Brigham Young taught:

You take men, women and families from the Cape of Good Hope, from the northern seas, China, the East Indies, or the islands of the sea, and let them receive the Gospel and come here, and, just as long as they live so as to enjoy the Spirit of the holy Gospel they have obeyed, there are no questions asked with regard to doctrine. We will now go a step further.

Here is a great bone of contention with regard to political affairs. The world say, "Why do not these Latter-day Saints get up their mass meetings, and sustain this, that or the other one, and be like other people in a political point of view?" Why do we not sustain these advocates who are now in the field, and join, and be one with, some one or other of the political parties of the country? We have no desire to do so, that is the reason. If we had the privilege of voting in, independent of all other people on this land of America, or in the United States, the man who should serve as president, we should cast about to find the most suitable man, and he would be the nominee, and when his name came before the people, every man and woman who had the privilege of putting their vote in the ballot box would vote for that man, asking no questions. Our friends in the political world say, "We do not like this oneness." The ministers in the pulpit, the politicians in the bar room, on the steamboat, in the rail cars, in the halls of Congress or in the legislatures, say, "We do not like this oneness," and still the priest and the deacon are praying continually, according to the Scripture testimony, that the Saints may be one. Well, where will you have them one?

(Brigham Young, "The Fullness of the Gospel—Its Power to Unite—Its Comprehensiveness—Definition of Its Priesthood—Condition of Apostates", Journal of Discourses vol 15, discource 18, page 121-129)

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