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Friday, October 9, 2015

We cannot repair our country without the foundation of our Creator

Our country was formed because we were willing to invoke the name of God. If we could not appeal to a higher power than our British King, then we had no basis for revolt. It was in our claim that all mankind are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. It was critical that this claim was a truth we said was "self evident". This was not going to be argued from scripture, it flowed from the innate sense of right and wrong man is endowed with. It is truth that comes from the same source as conscience itself. 
From that foundation grew a new nation that the Lord held in his hand and watched over like a tender plant.
Now, we think we know better. The best among us KNOWS that it is foolish, and potentially even wrong, to invoke the Creator in defense of our causes in government. Truths we know to be self evident, such as decency, the divine nature of family, marriage, fatherhood, or motherhood are not invoked directly. We look down on days when decency was a cause in its own right as naive and simpleminded. But we are the fools, thinking that we can keep a nation on a firm foundation like that our founding fathers laid without invoking the same basis of self evident truths and the critical appeal to both the endowments and requirements of a divine creator in the public square.

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