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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

People change when sin is shameful, but not when it is rationalized as immaterial

In these days, the world wants to present perversion as normal. It is not.

Temptation is tempting for people. And it is easier to give way to temptation when those around us claim it doesn't matter anyway.

Many today say that it is harder to get people to change if we don't treat everything they do as acceptable. That is absolutely false. It is the opposite of the truth.

It is in the days in which moral sin becomes "no big deal" that its popularity skyrockets, and it is in days when it is considered shameful in which many, even most, people will chose to stay away from it or find their way back out of it.

Shame for sin comes from the light of Christ and from the Holy Ghost.

If Alma the younger had not felt ashamed would he have feared to come into the presence of God? Would he have repented? Would he have changed from a rebellious man destroying the members of the church into a prophet that would eventually be translated if he had not felt such shame that he feared to come into the presence of God?

Shame is a critical tool that helps us repent. Which of us can expect to find eternal life without ever experiencing some shame at one time or another that causes us to repent?

Didn't Joseph Smith feel ashamed for losing the 116 pages? If he had felt no shame for that mistake, how might things have turned out differently for him?

Shame for serious sin is something the light of Christ inspires in a person. It is something they recognize they deserve when they come into the presence of God unless they have repented. How much better to feel a little shame for sin now and consequently repent than to face "everlasting shame".

If the light of Christ and the presence of God both inspire shame for moral transgression than who are we to say it is undeserved. Can't we see that the opposite is true? Don't we know that if a god of truth who cannot lie inspires shame in us, then we deserve it?

Let us stop pretending that shame is bad. Shame is essential, because it is one of the most likely causes of repentance.

Let us stand by decency. Let us be plain that we should be ashamed when we fail, especially when the failing is a matter of serious sin. We are surrounded with rationalization and procrastination when this is the day of our probation. Let us lift the burden of eternal shame from our brothers and sisters by preaching the propensity of shame for our sins here in mortality.

If God inspires shame in the sinner, why are we telling people to ignore it? Do we think we know better? Let us be humble and recognize this thoughts as higher than our thoughts and stop helping people rationalize away the day of their probation.

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