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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Oh those judgmental prophets of the past

Laman and Lemuel complained that Lehi "judged" the people of Jerusalem.

The people of King Noah were angry at Abinadi that they were being "judged of this man".

The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were furious that Lot had "judged" them.

It seems a peculiar trait of those societies who have filled the cup of God's wrath to overflowing, that are standing on the brink of his actually destroying them, that they become obsessed with being "judged".

Christ prophesied that there would be false Christs in the last days. And certainly, looking down at the many different portrayals of himself in this age, how could he say otherwise. One of the most common themes of these false Christs is that he, the eternal judge of both quick and dead, is non-judgemental. Another great theme among theme is that he requires his followers to not raise a warning voice among the wicked because that would be judging them. In fact, these false versions of Christ don't even want his followers to plainly state the commandments, because that is apparently judging people too.

By contrast God has told every man that has been warned to warn his neighbor. He has told us that those in the celestial kingdom are those who will be valiant in the testimony of Jesus, and those in the terrestrial will not be valiant in the testimony of Jesus. If being valiant in the testimony of Jesus has any relation to being wiling to testify then certainly the adversary would be anxious to silence us.

A wicked society is one that follows the adversary. And he uses that influence over them to inspire them strongly against anything that might separate them out from under his influence.

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