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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Keys to Saving our Youth - second attempt

There are essential neglected keys to saving our youth. Sure, there is more to it than the keys I am thinking of alone, but we usually stop the discussion at fundamentals like church attendance, scriptures, and prayer. I think in the current age those are still fundamentals but much more is needed if we are to really send them out properly armed for modern spiritual warfare. Specifically, we need to get them tied to the spiritual powerhouses right away. There is a difference between the spiritual strength you get from the above fundamentals and the spiritual depth and power to be found in saving your ancestors, doing missionary work, and saving your family. The work of saving souls caries a unique power with it that isn't found in any other activity in the church. There is a reason the lower priesthood is about temporal care and the higher priesthood is about spiritual care. This power will not be found in the many paltry substitutes that are commonly used in its place: frequent, long meetings that the youth are "invited to" (i.e. required to attend), frequent interviews, bigger and more frequent activities, and more energizing firesides more frequently. None of those is what counts spiritually. The Holy Ghost knows how it respects different efforts, and simply bringing the youth into more meetings and more activities hoping they will stay active isn't where the power of the Spirit lies. The other thing we desparately need to do is stop offending the Holy Ghost, and teaching them to do things that will do so. Our members are entertaining their youth to death. I am not talking so much about the quantity of entertainment, though there are issues there too. I am talking about the indecency of the entertainment. We must not present them with that which is less than decent, or even allow it. President Monson's least quoted teaching as the prophet is that we should not subject ourselves to media that even has innuendo. Yet we teach our youth to subject themselves to PG-13 movies with seducing women, with couples undressing to underwear or less, with homosexuality presented as normal and acceptable, with immorality treated as normal and morality treated as a ridiculous joke. The Holy Ghost cannot stand by our youth while they are drinking spiritual poison and we must separate them from it. We are doing the opposite in many homes, providing a constant stream of movies, books, websites, and music that laugh at decency rather than strictly abiding by it. In essence, in addition to the old fundamentals, in these days we must also get our youth doing those things that will introduce them powerfully to the Holy Ghost. And we must absolutely stop them from participating in media and teachings that are offensive to the Holy Ghost. Our youth must know the Holy Ghost to weather the times we live in.

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