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Friday, October 2, 2015

Give us liberty, or give us free stuff. Preferably free stuff.

I learned something interesting at the grocery store tonight. The guy working at the meat section was rather astonished at how much meat they sold today, even frustrated because they were completely out of chicken and some of their meats were cleaned out. He told me they sold 40 boxes of chicken today, each of which is 40 pounds.

I was musing as he spoke about what could have happened today that made it so that they sold so much? Is there a frenzy for General Conference steaks?

The answer turned out to be food stamps. He said not to go shopping on the 1st, 5th or the 15th. Those are apparently the days food stamps are released and they can't even keep things stocked sufficiently to keep up with the demand on those days.

I know that Obama and other liberals have turned to almost openly offering to give the poor greater amounts of free money if they will keep liberals in office. The words are never said that way, but their meaning is still perfectly clear.

Previous to the revolutionary war one of the arguments against democracy was that it will all be over as soon as the people at large realize that they can simply vote themselves money from the state coffers.

That tragic prediction is exactly how our liberal leaders are getting in office. Many of us remember the woman caught on tape who was excited when Obama was elected because he was going to take care of her mortgage. She overestimated how much she would get, but she clearly understood the liberal ideology when it was still more veiled: "give me the government and I will give you its riches".

I was talking with Diane about a small town outside of Manti that uses, or used to use, a speed trap to bring in town money. The speed changes very quickly near the town and the unwary person is apt to get a ticket. The drivers are the victims, even though they are the one getting a ticket. The law is being used not to prevent crime, but to catch people off guard to take money from them under the guise of law. It is a con run by hoodlums in a back alleyway, but dressed up in uniform and executed in a courthouse.

Now we have the grand scale of that. When taxes don't represent the state collecting money to provide for the legitimate needs of government, but are being repurposed into a deal between the government and the poor by which those without scruples will forcibly redistribute money to the poor in order to get their vote, then yes, indeed, we may have seen the end of our democracy.

As the poor recognize that liberalism will liberally give them free housing, free money, free food, free phones, free health care many of them unscrupulously vote for lifestyle without any regard to who or what they are putting in office. They sell their birthright of a free nation for a mess of pottage and feel self satisfied pride in their savvy as they chow down.

When our people want free money over freedom, they are no longer deserving of either prosperity or freedom. Whether we demand liberty or death isn't even worthy of discussion when liberty or free stuff becomes the only bone of contention.

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