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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Gender apostasy is not arbitrary, it is the fruit of our labors

We live in a deluded age. If our society was as physically unclean as it is spiritually perverse, and if we found many of our members suffering from diverse diseases, we would laugh at anyone who said that those who were dying were just born with that disease, and it had nothing to do with our extreme lack of sanitation.

But once it has to do with sexual morality things get personal and we can no longer see the plain truth.

The two Bishops I have discussed the frequency of pornography addiction with estimate that at a minumum 20% of their ward members are addicted to pornography at any given time. This isn't even old style pornography pictures of naked people. This is apparently video of people having sex, and commonly includes perversions like threesomes or lesbianism.

We think we can watch that and not offend God so much that some of us will find long term affects of it on their sex life?

No. Nobody is "born that way". And if we were all dying of the black plague, it wouldn't be because we were all born with black plague.

Even those who don't indulge in pornography think nothing of throwing on a movie with seductive women and a couple undressing to underwear.

Didn't President Kimball bluntly teach that pornography and masterbation pave the way for homosexuality? And it does.

Same sex attraction isn't something you are born with. But God will not be mocked and we cannot partake of sexual sewage and always come off unscarred. THAT is one reason we have so many now that suddenly think they are born gay.

It is common among us to indulge, to drink deeply even, of perversion and sometimes those who do find they reap the whirlwind and the natural desire is withdrawn for some unspecified time. The scriptures use the phrase "God gave them over to a reprobate mind".

We have forgotten that some things are sacred and that God will not be mocked.

There is one other reason. That is, we can be tempted into apostatizing from our own gender. When the devil can get us to first question, and then doubt truth that we know as clearly as we can see the sun in the sky, then that is a form of apostasy. We know our gender as plainly as we know the sun shines while we stare at it. If Satan can get us to question such a perfectly known truth, then to doubt it, then he can usually get us to go further and struggle with rejecting the truth completely. This is the other major road to same sex attraction our society offers. It is no different than apostatizing from the church. It all starts with getting us to question and if the devil can get us that far, he may be able to lead us to a point where we don't even know what gender we really are or what gender we are really attracted to.

But telling such people that they were born that way is a lie and does nothing to help them. Those who simply apostatize from their own gender, being led along by the adversary to do so, are only strengthened in their perversion by such teaching.

Those who have offended God through immorality and have truly lost the natural drive for some time need to repent in sackcloth and ashes of what they have done. Setting themselves up as advocates against the church is the opposite of such repentance. They may well need to prove themselves to their God on issues of decency and morality if they hope that in time he will restore the drive that enables them to become a husband to one of his precious daughters, or a wife to one of his sons.

In either case, the needed repentance requires facing the fact that they were not born that way, but taking responsibility for their own actions.

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