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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Corrupt judges have become key sources of legislation

As long as we continue to treat judicial attempts to legislate seriously instead of as abuses of power they will continue to be more flagrant, more frequent, and more extreme.
No activist finding himself with virtually unlimited power to legislate without answering to the people for it is going to slow his pace. Finding success, a tyrant always takes encouragement and continues where he started with more confidence than before. Tyranny never responds to a submissive populace by slowing its pace and passing by its opportunities to reign as it wills. When a tyrant finds success in his abuses, he is encouraged and abuses more frequently and more flagrantly. Even worse, other corrupt men recognize the tyrants success and intentionally follow his footsteps for the specific purpose of abusing power.
We have wound ourselves in so many laws affecting so many things that a judge can find a "legal" way to take pretty much any action he wants with broad reaching immediate effects as soon as the right case presents itself. The case he needs always presents itself before long because activist judges are sought out by activist plaintiffs who are after the same radical abuses of power themselves. The judge and plaintiff are in silent collusion. Both knows what the other wants by reputation or by the nature of the case, and they are in agreement on how it can be abused to legislate new law. It all appears above board and legal. But it is corrupt abuse of power.
Corrupt judges have become key sources of legislation. This undermines the constitution which is specifically designed to prevent those with power to judge to also have power to legislate. The constitution requires legislation to come only from a large group of representatives of the population. This judicial abuse is legislation without representation, it is unconstitutional, and we must stop it.
As long as we don't just stand firm against these judges as tyrants and their actions as illegal, they will only feel encouraged to continue their abuse. They are not going to voluntarily start unwinding the legal tangle that they use to exercise power over anything and everything they see fit. They are not going to stop getting similarly minded plaintiffs who will arrange cases that will give those judges the setting from which to make the radical legal changes both desire.
Our legislatures and executives and our people need to take an immovable stand that the judiciary has no right to legislate and that their abuses of power do NOT constitute law. They will not stop on our own. We will lose our constitution in all but name if they are not stopped. Our freedoms of speech, religion, and our right to bear arms to defend ourselves will rapidly follow. We must raise a cry they cannot ignore against such abuse and cease to personally give blatant abuse the respect due to law.

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