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Monday, September 28, 2015

We worship the Father

Feminism stands in direct opposition to the gospel.

In the gospel we worship a Heavenly Father. We do not worship a Heavenly Mother.

We pray to the Father, we do not pray to our Heavenly Mother.

Christ on the cross cried out to his Father, he did not cry out to his Mother. Christ told Mary that she could not hold him because he had not yet ascended to his Father.

Our enemies know what we fail to acknowledge - that our doctrine is a patriarchal one. That where Christ went first to his beloved wife Mary (and Martha), the next person would be his Father. What we are seeing here is the divine order as proclaimed in Eden: that a man will leave his Father and Mother and cleave unto his wife and they will be one flesh. Thus Christ went first to Mary. Then, again echoing the commandments of Eden, Christ ascended to his Father. Why? Because as declared in Eden, the Father rules over his home. Thus the Son reported to his Father, was concerned about obeying his Father, and spoke morning and night with his Father.

Christ spoke often of his Father in heaven. He did always his Father's will, therefore his Father loved him. There is no scripture about Christ doing his Heavenly Mother's will. And that is because His divine home is patriarchal.

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