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Saturday, September 5, 2015

We will need faith like Enoch to build Zion like Enoch

To face the days that are coming upon us we need faith like a mustard seed. We need faith like Enoch. We need a membership that yearns to live the united order, whose bowels yearn for the greater things that are hidden up, who look upon sin and feel the full tragedy of it instead of sending those seeped in it on their merry way to hell with a pat on the back, cheering them on down their way to destruction.
Faith and good works is what is needed. And according to the scriptures, the Lord will have that, one way or another. We will have the faith needed for the the miracles of ages past to return. We will learn to be like Moses and Noah and Enoch, to speak and the mountains obey us, for Zion cannot be built by men who will not come up to that faith and it is Zion that we must redeem before the great and dreadful day of the Lord. But forging us into silver and gold requires the intense devouring heat that will consume the dross from us if we are not overcome.
We have chosen our days, which will make them all the harder to bear, and to watch our children bear, and their children's children until we repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon, as well as the former commandments, not only to say, but to do. When we, or they, finally learn to do that then the scourge will end, the Sons of God will have been tried so as by fire as the Lord swore to Enoch. And Zion will return.
But oh, I would that we had not chosen these days by our own cowardice, and encouraged them by our own voice, and like fools unlatched the door and invited the thief into our own homes in the dead of night. Oh, I wish we had stood like men.

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