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Sunday, September 13, 2015

We must be offering the holy ghost

If what we are offering in our church meetings, or to our youth, or to our children isn't the Holy Ghost, we are failing in our teaching. Whatever else we may offer in its place, does not have the converting power of God. When we offer something else in its place, we just show our own lack of faith in God's program to teach by his spirit so that our teachings can then be received by his spirit.

The world's influence can seem much more enticing to us, and so it can be easy to make the switch. If we offer church dances with dim lights and suggestive music with suggestive lyrics or even opt instead for racous music with indeciferable lyrics, then we are not offering the Holy Ghost, instead, we are not offering anything different than what the world offers, though maybe toned down a little to make it easier to rationalize that it is "spiritual".

Are we offering the Holy Ghost to our children? To our youth? In our teaching? In our wards?

Ultimately if the speaker at the pulpit isn't offering the Holy Ghost in his teaching, he is failing the Lord's command that his gospel is to be taught by the Holy Ghost, for the Lord said:

If ye have not the spirit ye shall not teach.

If we are not teaching by the Holy Ghost then we are not offering the Holy Ghost. In that case, all we are offering our youth or our audience is a form of Godliness, but we are denying the power thereof.

As another example, if we will not stand firmly for what is right, the Holy Ghost cannot accompany our teaching. When we choose to back down from the pure truth because it may offend someone, we do so at a tremendous cost. We have avoided offending those individuals, but we have, in some measure, lost the Holy Ghost, who is a testifier of truth. Is it a good trade we have made?

No. It is the Holy Ghost we need to be offering. A gospel wrung out of anything that may offend some one person or another is not enough of a gospel for the spirit to testify of. There is enough variety in a ward for someone or other to be offended by most of our least popular, but foundational truths.

If a foundational, essential truth, such as that boys are boys and girls are girls, becomes offensive to the world it is wise for that truth to appear more frequently and prominently in our meetings, not for it to fade into the background. That way we are instilling one another with defense against the world. More importantly, if we fail to speak plain truth plainly because we are afraid of offending people, we cannot have the Holy Ghost in the same way, and when we offend the Holy Ghost because we won't even say something as plain as that boys are boys and girls are girls (and certainly, if we won't even say something as plain as that, then, yes, we will offend the Holy Ghost) then the loss of the Holy Ghost will take the life our of our meetings and in time we will lose far more members than those few that might have left because they could no longer abide the plain, fundamental truths of the gospel.

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