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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept 17, the day the Constitution was signed

The constitution was apparently signed on this day, Sept 17. Our modern supreme court determines whether crucial matters of state are constitutional based on nothing more nor less than whether they find it politically appealing, making up new constitutional requirements out of thin air to determine that laws are unconstitutional.
Our president believes he has the right to do whatever he can find the means or the might to do, whether by his control of the vast government bureaucracy, by oppressive misuse of the IRS, by executive order, by civil harassment, by corroborating with mobsters brawling in the streets, or by offering the monies gathered by taxation for purposes of state to the poorer segments of society in order to ensure votes for him and his party. He abuses his power to enforce personal policies as law while ignoring and altering actual laws at his whim.
Our legislature doesn't even know our constitution, much less worry about abiding by it. With a judiciary run wild they can pass laws that no man or any group of man can make legal, such as the means and ways that it is acceptable to kill unborn children who might be an inconvenience to their parents.
No longer believing their power is not only granted but also limited by the constitution, our president, congress, and judiciary believe that they have the right to do whatever they have ability to enforce.
No longer believing that all men are endowed by God with certain inalienable rights, they don't believe in God, much less seek to serve him, and make up new rights out of the air while trying to undermine and destroy those rights God truly does endow.
They now even stand by jailing a woman specifically for standing by the rights granted in the constitution in direct conflict with the fact that the constitution and the rights enumerated therein are supposed to be a higher law, an overarching requirement that all other laws and actions of state in this nation are subject to.
May they be judged by the light which they have, even the light of the divinely inspired constitution which they have trampled underfoot.

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