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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sealings and remarriage

Before a man gets married to a widow that is sealed to another man he needs to consider how he will feel if and when his children through her are not his in eternity, as well as how that knowledge will affect their children, that they will not have their physical father in eternity, but another man.

If he is allowed to be sealed to her, despite the fact that she is already sealed to another, they need to consider how this will affect her previous children, who no longer have certainty about who exactly they will be sealed to. Which man will their mother be sealed to in eternity? If it is not their physical father, will they be unhappy to either have another man as their father in eternity or another woman as their mother in eternity? Before a woman gets sealed to another man after her husband has died, she needs to consider the possibility that the children may go with him, instead if with her.

If I am faithful and sealed to my wife, and I die, it is a shame to my memory to abuse and invalidate the fruits of my faithfulness to my covenant and to my wife by her sealing herself to another man. It is a shame to my covenant and memory if she risks putting me aside from herself and our children by seeking to be sealed to another man in his place. By very nature of such a choice she shows her unfaithfulness to her eternal commitment to her original husband and I wonder whether because of that the children may usually go with him, despite that we usually think of children as "going with the mother". She has breached her covenant to give herself to him for eternity, by giving herself to another for eternity, so how can she receive the fruits of that first covenant, which included the children made eternally his and hers by that covenant? If he has been faithful to the covenant, why would she, who has beached it, receive them.

While only the Lord knows exactly how such things will be resolved, there are a few things that are clear from the revelations.

1. A man can be sealed eternally to multiple women.
2. Women cannot be sealed eternally to more than one man.
3. Children cannot be sealed eternally except to a couple who are, themselves, sealed eternally.

That means if a woman marries more than one man, eternally she will be sealed to at most one of them. Others will not have her in eternity. Also, each child will be sealed as the child of a couple that is sealed. How that is resolved when a woman is sealed to multiple men isn't clear, but the consequences shouldn't be ignored by those who are considering putting themselves in such situations.

The eternal nature of sealings should weigh heavily in the minds of those who are considering putting themselves or their offspring in one of these difficult positions. Consequences of sealings seem to have been thrown out the window in a divorce minded culture. They should be taught and it made clear that a woman will be sealed to only one man in the eternities and the children will be sealed to a set of parents,who are in fact sealed to each other.

If a man marries a woman sealed faithfully to another man, he is raising up seed to the other man, and not to himself.

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