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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Scoffing at blessing the brownies and ice cream

We are so spoiled. We make fun of anyone who, blessing the ward brownies and ice cream, dares ask that they will nourish and strengthen us. We laugh and say there is no way those brownies and ice cream will nourish and strengthen us. We are so far from understanding the purpose of saying a prayer over our food, because we are completely without gratitude.

In days of poeverty we would have been thrilled for brownies and ice cream and the strength and nourishment they would provide us with. Brigham Young said the kirtland temple was built by men living on a little hominy. They had it with honey when they could find it, and with salt when they couldn't, or with no salt at all when there wasn't even salt.  Do we think if we served them ice cream and brownies they would have scoffed at offering a blessing on it because there was no way it could nourish and strengthen them?

It is our lack of gratitude that has brought this about in us.

We have listened to the world's scoffing instead of being grateful for our bounty. We listen to scoffing instead of to gratitude even when blessing the ward refreshments, and we make fun of the person offering the blessing because we don't have any idea what hunger is, or what gratitude for food is, or what nourishment is, or strengthening from food is. We want some ideal human combination of foods served or we think it is poison. We don't know what it is to be grateful for, and offer a blessing over, a little hominy like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young did. We don't know what it means to, on a little of that food alone, cut enough stone out of the earth day to day to build the Kirtland temple.

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