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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Religion is opposed by those whose own zealous beliefs are merely the echos of their television sets

We live in a country where religion is frowned upon as being arbitrary by those whose beliefs are nothing more than the fads of the moment. They cheer for anything the popular people are cheering for: feminism, abortion, homosexuality. They will cheer for pedophilia someday. They fight for their beliefs with zeal almost unknown among those of us who have the truth. They despise religious conviction while their convictions are nothing more than the dictates of their television sets.
Can't those of us with the truth fight a harder for it? Can't we stop apologizing and start standing firmly? Our religious freedoms are slipping away like the receding tide and we seem mostly unconcerned or unwilling to do more that fret.
Those who created a free nation were allowed to visit the prophet in vision and request that their temple work be done. Who else in history has been granted the right by God to visit the prophet after death to make such a request? Can we not see by the glory they won, that we stand at the brink of eternal shame if we stand idly by as the freedom they won is vanquished?
We were called to prepare the earth for the second coming, not to just hunker down and wait for it. John the baptist was called to prepare the earth for Christ's first coming - did he just hunker down and wait? No - he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness. He cried so and the spirit accompanied his boldness so that, though he lived in the wilderness King Herod himself could not ignore his words.
John the Baptist unflinchingly testifed that Herod's marriage was immoral. Are we too ashamed now to state that some marriages are immoral? And that fornication and pornography are immoral? Not just "addicting" or that they destroy families, but that they are both immoral and offensive to God.
Will we prepare the world for the second coming by hiding our candle? Those we live around and work with and talk to and those who read what we write about ourselves need to hear a voice crying out in the wilderness. It needs to be a voice for right and freedom. It needs to be a voice confident in the truth, not laced with apologies for truth and right.
Those who oppose us will never make peace with us because immorality can never be comfortable with the truth. Having taken up a war against religious freedom (which we should have known that they would) we should know they will never drop it. It is not a matter of simply having conversations with them. It is not matter of simply discussing and celebrating differences. They will use every compromise we make against us because it is the power of the devil opposing the power of God, and the adversary will never tire, flag nor stagger to destroy us, nor is there any victory he will be satisfied with short of total, absolute victory.
Immorality is serious sin. And those involved in it are the servants of him who they list to obey. They will never drop the fight against us, so we need to fight like we mean it. If we won't fight for our own religious freedoms, will we at least fight for our children's.
Our enemies show a zeal and devotion to their cause that is an embarrassment to us because by comparison we are unconcerned. We have the real truth while they are nothing more than echoes of their television sets. Yet many, many of us sympathize and even publicly argue for them.
Must the children of damnation always be wiser in their generation than the children of light?

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