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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Modern education

The relativistic thinking that our ancestors warned about is the dogma I was raised on in the public education system. We think we need to "have an open mind". We don't believe it is OK to assert that our position is true. We grew up thinking that we had no right to make assertions about God in the public square, and particularly not when trying to pass or oppose a law.

As Isaiah warned those who led us have caused us to err. We have been raised to think like a good relativist and we are offended at those that don't have the sense to walk the relativist line. We think we know better than them, and consider them ignorant.

We need to get back what has been lost.

We look around at the generation that calls themselves Millennials and are gravely concerned about their lack of believe in absolutes, their open opposition to standing up for the truth and their general apathy about modesty, pornography, and even such abhorrent practices as "friends with benefits" in which necking and petting are not even considered romantic activities that involve love, but are casually initiated with friends in whom there is no romantic interests to gratify lusts. Necking and petting are pernicious evils in themselves. But here the "benefits" are that you can gratify your lusts and not even feel a romantic interest in each other. We are disturbed at the way they toy with homosexual and lesbian relations without realizing that only a few escape from that deadly trap once it begins to take hold.

We must recover what we have lost, and we must proclaim the truth so clearly that it will not be easily lost in the rising generation for those willing to keep it.

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