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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Charity is not just a love of our fellow man

I think it is significant that the pure love of Christ really is like Christ's love. That is, as we read about Christ it is clear the first and foremost he has a love of the Father with all his heart, might, mind and strength, and his love for his fellow man is strictly secondary to and subject to his love for the father. When we speak of charity we call it the pure love of Christ, but we always leave out the first and foremost love that Christ showed. We leave out Christ's love, first and foremost, for the Father. With a misrepresentation of charity we make some of the scriptural prophets seem fairly uncharitable. There is Elijah who openly mocked the priests of Baal and slew the 400 priests of Baal himself with the sword. There is Moses, who was furious that the Israelites had spared the Midianite women alive when the Israelites were sent to avenge themselves against the Midianites for sending their women to seduce them, and had them slay the captive women. There was Joshua, who let the Israelites to destroy the people in the lands of Canaan. ... and the list goes on. If charity was just a love of our fellow man these prophets would seem uncharitable. With such a misrepresentation, one might even think they were the opposite of charitable.. But these men had first and foremost a love of the Father just as Christ did. And true charity is love like Christ's love. It fulfills the great two commandments. Charity in the scriptural sense is never simply to love our neighbor as ourselves, for that is to reverse the first and second great commandments, or to forget the first one altogether. And that is not the pure love of Christ. True charity is the pure love of Christ. It is to love like him. It fulfills the great two commandments, not just the second one. It is a spiritual gift, and therefore charity as the scriptures speak of it comes only by the Holy Ghost.

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