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Thursday, August 20, 2015

To receive the keys of knowledge and power, by revelation to himself

I'm putting this here for my own notes, though others might find it interesting.
Joseph Smith said: "[Judge Adams] has been a most intimate friend. I anointed him to the patriarchal power--to receive the keys of knowledge and power, by revelation to himself." (TPJS bottom of page 325 or top of page 326)
This is a very interesting statement. It totally diverges from much of what we typically say and hear about the priesthood, though offhand I think it fits with the scriptures quite closely. Note that Joseph Smith anointed him to "receive the keys of knowledge and power, by revelation to himself.". You can read that phrase 10 times and still hardly put together all the surprising connections that are made there.
Receiving keys by revelation to himself?
The patriarchal power being tied to receiving keys by revelation?
Even the phrase "the patriarchal power" suggests a much more comprehensive view of the priesthood that we typically say or hear.
Even the phrase "keys of knowlege". We often associate the priesthood with power. But the idea that it unlocks knowledge is a different one, and I think I could ask the next 1,000 priesthood holders I run into exactly in how the priesthood provides a key of knowledge in the context of this quote and not one would know.
Thank goodness we have Joseph Smith and the scriptures as teachers.

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