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Monday, August 3, 2015

The lesser is taught by the greater

We live in a day of extreme pride where we openly endorse the idea that to in order to teach someone we need to first show them that we can learn from them. Rather than teaching youth to respect their elders we pander to these sympathies and justify them in not accepting counsel from someone older who doesn't seek to learn from them in return.
But that isn't what the scriptures portray. The scriptures are wise, and don't pander to false pride. They teach that the lesser should be taught of the greater. They teach that children should honor their parents.

Youth raised this way grow up into adults who are hardened in this false pride. They won't learn from prophet or the twelve. Instead of wanting to be taught, they want compromise. Still stuck in the same principle they were raised with, they won't receive teaching unless they feel they get to then turn and be the teacher in return. But Joseph Smith said:

"Then, O ye Twelve! notice this Key, and be wise for Christ's sake, and your own soul's sake. Ye are not sent out to be taught, but to teach." (TPJS page 156)

God doesn't call the twelve to be influenced by the world, or by "grassroots" movements in the church. God calls them to teach. They are chosen vessels so that by their ministry the residue of mankind can partake of the Holy Ghost.

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