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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our desparate need for wisdom

The Lord speaks in the scriptures of the world in very clear terms. Sadly now church members now find it offensive if his words are used in regular conversation like they really mean something. I think that means our faith in the scriptures is seriously lacking. We push what is taught there about the world aside.

We need to recognize that those involved in perverse immorality are not our bestest friends.

Our enemies are circling us like wolves and we are refusing to realize they lust to devour us. Instead, we think they are angry and offended because we hurt their feelings. Anxious to mend the breach we want them to have "good faith discussions", give us high fives, and hope they will invite us to their birthday parties. We don't recognize how they lust for our destruction. We have forgotten that when men sin, it gives the adversary power over them, and he will certainly drive them to destroy us no matter how friendly we are to them in return. It isn't hurt feelings, it is the power of the adversary inspiring wicked men against the power of God. No attempt on our part to calm them will really change their inner turmoil toward us. And no kindness on our part will stay their hunger to destroy any vestiges of God's true faith. Each advantage we give them out of kindness will be turned against us and our posterity. We must wake up to our circumstances and "oh, be wise".

In his mortality, the Lord made no apology in his statements of who was against him and how brutally they would act given the opportunity. When Peter said "surely not so", the Lord responded fiercely stating that in saying that Peter was an offense to him because he savored not the things of God, but those that be of men. Christ expects us to be discerning. When it comes to preserving our right to worship him, and our children's right to worship him after us, our discernment is not just a matter of wisdom, but salvation.

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