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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My reaction to a woman grateful for her abortion

To woman Planned Parenthood likes to quote as saying "I was lucky. There was a planned parenthood in the city where I lived and I was able to get a safe, legal, affordable abortion."

I noticed that opposing comments were so few one knew they were being deleted by moderators, but here is my response.
So you were able to kill your own baby with minimal fuss? You think we should be grateful that crimes against nature are committed in the most pleasant and appealing environment for the perpetrators? Moderators hide away the opposition, but they cannot hide away eternity. It waits for you to slip into its grasp and face the child that would have been yours, and the God that gave it to you. Smile for now as you choose. The gates of agony will swing wide in the next world to admit you, but not so readily for your departure.

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