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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

If happiness is just a choice of attitude, then wickedness really could be happiness

I find it interesting when there is a trend in our society that appears directly opposes what the scriptures portray.

Our society is quite enamored with the idea that happiness is a choice of attitude. And I won't say there is nothing at all to that idea. I think the correct version is that if we choose to be ungrateful then we cannot also be happy. But I think the version popularized in our culture is pure garbage.

Our society teaches that: "Happiness is just a choice of attitude. I am as happy as I choose to be."

But the world does not work that way. And the scriptures say as much.

Nephi says that his people "lived after the manner of happiness". The point here isn't that Nephi simply decided to be happy. The point is that Nephi knew the same thing that Alma taught his son: Wickedness never was happiness.

If you choose to be wicked, you cannot simply choose to be happy. The two are, in time, mutually exclusive. Wickedness leads one into the power of the adversary, and the adversary will not leave you feeling happy if you give him power over you. He will literally make you as miserable as hell if you are willing to follow him there.

The whole "happiness is just a choice of attitude" stands in direct opposition to the scripture "wickedness never was happiness". Both ideas cannot be true. They teach contradictory principles. One is true. One is a lie.

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