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Sunday, August 23, 2015

God's own children and animals are different

In response to someone comparing the fight against abortion to "protecting innocent animals" because in both cases one is "protecting innocents"
When we stand before our creator we will know that his children are his own children and he values them differently than animals. By God's own mouth we know we are allowed to eat animals, though we should eat meat sparingly, and that animal sacrifice was a constant part of the law of Moses. He even calls the doctrine of refusing to eat meat "a doctrine of devils" in both the

Look at your own little children and ask yourself whether you don't value them differently than you value animals. Because people are God's children, and infants are his little ones. These are the same ones Christ gathered round his knee and blessed. Christ, who feasted on a lamb each year at passover, did not see animals as being in any way like the little children he blessed even though he was so exhausted his disciples wanted to send them away.

When we stand before him, and we see his children, and know that they are his children just as much as any child ever had a parent, I don't think we will wonder whether he considered the abomination of killing little babies in the womb to be different than sacrifice of animals, which he instituted personally as a constant part of the law of Moses.

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