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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Feminism and pride

Ezra Taft Benson pointed out that one of the great messages of the Book of Mormon is a warning against pride. He pointed out that the scriptures state:

Moroni 8:27 ... Behold, the pride of this nation, or the people of the Nephites, hath proven their
destruction except they should repent.

The Nephites did not repent and were destroyed. It was, as President Benson pointed out, their pride that destroyed them.

Rather than learning the lesson we ought we are teaching our daughters to be proud and our sons to support and endorse this pride. We are teaching it to them practically constantly. They turn on a movie and they see women and girls showing "attitude" toward men. A proud answer, a haughty answer, from a woman toward a man is almost always portrayed as a virtue in the woman who gave it.

Women are portrayed as smart and men as dumb buffoons. Women are frequently portrayed as powerful, and the men that accompany them are buffoons useful only for comic effect. This carried over to even the most ridiculous of cases, where women are constantly showing much greater physical prowess than men in television and movies. The male warrior may be tough, but the woman warrior is tougher.

How many commercials do we see portraying the smart woman and the clueless buffoon man? She knows he is a buffoon but tolerates his foolishness with knowing condescension.

How many different times do we have to see a man praise a women in movies or television and a woman give a haughty response about how she really is superior to him?

And our society treats this haughty attitude as a virtue. It constantly encourages women to be proud and haughty toward men.

And what are our boys learning from this. Heavenly Father gives boys a natural interest in leadership. He calls boys to lead his church. He sets the father as the head of the home. These aren't arbitrary. They go with the nature of being a boy as much as nurturing children goes naturally with the nature of being a girl. But where are our boys left with this? The heroes on television aren't boys. In order to promote the new equality with a heavy hand, our media constantly teaches boys that they are inferior to girls.

This is feminism. It is destructive pride pretending to be virtue. Women of the church who study the scriptures still laugh away the bits that don't agree with feminism. They are proud. And they are even proud that they are proud.

Feminism is diabolical teaching.

It was pride that destroyed the Nephites. And it is our pride that is destroying our nation. We are teaching it ourselves. We are openly endorsing it and defending it.

Feminism is thinly masked pride. It is animosity at its core, which President Benson said was the root of pride. It is animosity which pits women against men and wives against husband. It strikes at the most sacred of human relationships, that of husband and wife, placing a wedge in a woman's heart. Rather than teaching her that desires should be toward her husband as the scripture teaches. It teaches her that selfishness and pride are righteous, by calling them feminism. We endorse, defend, and openly teach pride and animosity toward men under the name of Feminism. In doing so we are teaching our posterity to choose destruction.

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