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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Feminism - Women seeking to act like men act weird instead, just as men seeking to act like women do

Feminism doesn't teach feminity, it teaches women to discard feminity in favor of seeking masculine traits. And when a woman tries to reject her divine nature in place of being more masculine, she doesn't end up acting like a man. She can't. She acts like a corrupted form of womanhood.

One sees the same thing in men that are intentionally trying to act like women. They don't act like women. They act weird. Their behavior is repulsive pantomime of what women act like. That is because they don't really have a woman's spirit, body, mind, emotions, or impulses. They act like a weird corrupted version of men, but they don't act like women.

And just so, feminism's encouragement of women to act more masculine doesn't come out right. It comes out weird. A woman who pursues it doesn't really understand what being a man is, because she is a woman, and when she tries to imitate manly traits, it comes out weird. It often just comes out mean, even steely mean. It often comes out highly aggressive. Women don't really understand what it is to be a man. She has the wrong spirit, body and drives to really understand what it is to be a man and her imitation of manly traits doesn't make her act like a man. Instead, she becomes a weird degenerate form of womanhood.

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