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Sunday, July 5, 2015


Each of these topics is an important one for our age, and I will continue to address them freely, and purposefully as well as anything else that occurs to me as important, quite independent of whether doing so is unpopular in any way:

Feminism - This has been devastating to women. Instead of actually increasing femininity, in teaches women to be masculine. It teaches that fathers are not the head of the home, in fact, it teaches that such an idea is offensive to women. Does the tragedy of the millions upon millions of little children of being raised by television and day care providers not convince us?. Those children deserve and desparately need their mother - and it is because of feminism that she is not there.

Pornography - I am actually astonished writing about pornography has offended some church members. But oh well, I guess in addition to blaming the victim, our society is also really good at not blaming the culprit. While immorality is rapidly destroying both genders, it is a much stronger temptation for men. Men are almost always the sexual aggressors in response to their much stronger sexual drive.

Medication - When it comes to emotions we are a highly medicated society. I do not believe that is right. I have never said that every instance is wrong. Nor am I intending to address any specific individual. However, I think Elder Packer's counsel in his talk on "Solving emotional problems in the Lord's way" is divinely inspired and deserves careful study before turning to medication for emotional difficulties. I think we are incredibly spoiled and we want quick fixes. Elder Holland also addressed the matter. But I am quite sure that Elder Hollands assertion that in some cases it is fine was not intended to mean "cast wide the floodgates" in the way many have taken it. Honestly, I think he would be horrified at the way some interpret his counsel. When we have determined everyone's body is abnormal and needs medication to restore proper thinking, then we have simply discarded the notion of normal out of personal rationalization.

The Atonement - A protestant interpretation of the atonement has been taking a strong hold in the church and I consider it terribly destructive. This protestant interpretation is a relatively new idea in the church. I will continue to directly address false teachings on the atonement, including naming the author and source of the teaching, particularly when they have a broad influence.

The law - As we find ways to ingrain and enoble immorality and outright perversion in our laws we lay the means for the destruction of our religious liberty. This is a battle we must not lose.

Homosexuality - Pornography is a plague among us, and homosexuality is a second stage, usually terminal, of the same illness. We must stand strong against immorality, particuarly homosexuality which is being used as a means to destroy religious freedom.

I don't know what else. The important topics do tend to be the ones people get attached to the wrong side of. That is exactly what makes them important.

If my religions and political convictions, and my unwillingness to be silent about them means I cannot be friends with one person or another, then so be it. If my ancestors were willing to die for a free country, I will not be unwilling to offer offense in pursuit of one. If many far better men were willing to die for stating truth with ridiculous boldness, then I will not be unwilling to to offend someone to do the same. We learned from Boyd K Packer that Ezra Taft Benson always kept this quote on his desk or study:

Be right, then be easy to live with, if possible, but in that order.

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