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Monday, July 6, 2015

Last Days Dimentia

I am astonished how frequently I meet a member suffering from last days dementia.
This particular disease causes those afflicted with it to believe that unlike previous dispensations, which would all end in apostasy, our dispensation is called to do nothing in particular while we wait for the coming of Christ.
Those afflicted with this disease believe they are not accountable to save the souls of men, but can watch them rush to destruction and stand aloof without spiritual consequence. Grab a bowl of popcorn and sit back while Sodom and Gomorrah is destroyed.
They know that their progenitors won a free country by offering up their own blood as a sacrifice in the revolutionary war, and that those individuals won an everlasting honor for their sacrifice. And side by side with that belief, they also believe that there will be no eternal shame to be earned for standing idly by watching our religious freedoms recede away from us like the tides. Truly, this sickness has a devastating effect on the human brain.
They believe that they are to "wait" for the second coming, instead of to prepare the world for it by building Zion and warning the wicked. No longer laborers in a field they believe their job is to hunker down and do nothing but sing hymns to themselves.
If Peter, James, or John had been afflicted with this devastating sickness, no missionary work would have been done after the resurrection, no efforts to reclaim individuals from the sins of the world would have been made. After all, they would have said, a great apostasy is coming, and when we see the wicked gaining the victory it is just a fulfillment of prophecy.
If the prophets and saints of other dispensations had suffered a version of this illness by which their knowledge of a coming apostasy would have made them sit back and do nothing because each victory of evil was "just a fulfillment of prophecy", there would be no scriptures. There would be no story of Moses, of Enoch, of Melchizedek, Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. The great apostasy would have stretched from the days of Adam to the restoration by Joseph Smith.
But that is just how these individuals fevered brains seem to work. When evil advances, they don't feel a need to fight back even to protect their own posterity. The disease so afflicts their minds that they stifle a yawn, and say that it is nothing more than a fulfillment of prophecy, and maybe add a "hazzah" that we live in the last days.

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