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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The future as we choose it now

Every other dispensation faced the eventuality of a great apostasy. But that didn't mean when things started going bad they sat back and relaxed and said "It's just fulfillment of prophesy".

We are losing the battle for religious freedom. In Sunday School today the teacher told about Peter denying Christ and asked whether there are ways in which we deny him.

Do we love him enough to ensure our children can continue to worship him?

No. The resounding answer amongst us is no, we do not.

At this rate, we will lose our religious freedoms and we will deserve to, having lost the love for our Savior and for our children that would have kept it alive.

And our descendants will suffer, if they remain true, like the pioneers never had to, because unlike the Pioneers they will have no Nauvoo to build up in isolation, no winter quarters to shelter in, no Rocky Mountains to flee to. There is no place now for them to evade their enemies in. They must simply stand in the midst of them.

Would that God would mercifully smite this nation with such trouble as would remind them that it is God that rules in heaven and earth, and the sufferings to come of our righteous offspring might be lessened among a more circumspect people. Certainly God will do so in time, but that may wait until with Joseph and Hyrum our posterity have sealed their testimony with their blood and joined the saints John's revelation spoke of whose blood cries out for vengeance beneath the throne of God.

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