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Monday, June 22, 2015

Where did we get the false notion that the church stays out of government and politics?

As I read or hear some of the heavily political talks in general conference in the past I think of the many times in my life someone has told me that the church doesn't get involved in government.

And I wonder where we got that idea. It certainly isn't true. It wasn't true in Joseph Smith's day. He ran for President of the United States. It wasn't true in Brigham Young's day. It wasn't true in the Book of Mormon - when Amalakiah wants changes in the law that will established a king, the church cares about that in the Book of Mormon.

Certainly, it isn't true in D&C 134, which is a revelation from God about government. We hold the truths in that section as revelation. It is revelation and it directly addresses government. It is our doctrine, and it concerns government and politics by its nature.

It certainly wan't true in the days of Moses. The revealed law of Moses is both a civil and religious law. That is why it is called the "law" of Moses.

Truth doesn't change. A current, common practice doesn't change the practices of prophets past.

So I wonder where members got this idea that the church doesn't involve itself in politics. I suppose it is because our current practice is to avoid endorsing specific political candidates in church meetings. But that doesn't mean we can't teach truths about government in them, because there is large body of general conference material by prophets and apostles that directly addresses wrong and right government practices.

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